Spring Pruning:

Pruning is a great way to remove weak, diseased or even dead limbs. Most of this can be done throughout the year with little impact to the tree. However, growth and healing of the tree is expedited if pruning occurs before the heavy spring growth begins. Heavy pruning right after a large spring growth should be avoided, if possible. At this time trees have just expended a lot of energy and too much stress could permanently damage the tree.


When adding mulch on your property you need to make sure that you do not add too much. Mulch helps keep grass away from the trucks of trees and plants. Thickness should be kept to a few inches and should not be piled around the truck of trees. Mulch that is too thick holds moisture and heat and can cause more problems than it solves.

Spring Planting:

Spring is also a suitable time to plant additional trees, bushes and flowers on your property. It allows trees to get established in their new environments before the hot summer weather arrives. When planting the holes should be dug at least two feet wider than the size of the root system and the hole should be filled with a mixture of existing soil and soil amendments, such as organic material or top soil.