Charles Hessler

In early to mid-April, I began contacting tree removal companies to get price quotes for a fairly large project. I had about 10 50-75 foot thin poplar trees growing along the back of our property in Yorktown Heights, NY. These trees were overgrown and hung dangerously over our property and every snow or wind storm, I was concerned that they would come down. Several of the trees were directly behind my kids’ playset and my garden shed. I had already had a few branches come down close to the playset that my son uses on a regular basis so it was important for me to remove them as quickly as possible. The job was further complicated by the fact that the trees were in a part of my yard that wasn’t accessible by trucks and the trees bordered a neighbors brand new fence.

After contacting several companies, we selected a company, DaSilva Landscaping out of Danbury, CT. They began the job after receiving 50% of the project upfront. They worked for a little over 7 hours and took down a few trees. The small crew (2 workers) took down about three trees and loaded the trunk debris in their trailer. The debris was removed at the end of the day but they left the majority of the branch debris sitting in our yard. They said that they would return in two days to complete the job but they never returned. Subsequent calls, texts and emails were not returned. Based upon this poor service, I determined that I would need to contract with another company to finish the job.

That is when I reached to to Greenpoint tree service. They provided us with a proposal that was quite fair. Planning the start of the job was difficult because it rained all week. They assured me that the job would be completed as quickly as possible. Sure enough, there was one day that was not supposed to get rain until the early evening. They showed up around 10 AM and they began their work. The entire job was done by 3:30 and they started the cleaning the debris. They diligently cleaned our entire property and removed every last piece of debris. We then did a walk through to make sure that we were satisfied with the service.

In the end, they did exactly what we had asked for and within the tight budget. The speed with which they completed this large job was incredible. I would certainly recommend them to anyone in Westchester County looking to have trees removed quickly and safely.

Charles HesslerYorktown, NY