Anita L.

Tom, Sebastian and the crew were incredible. They were meticulous and professional all around – top to bottom of the job. If you’ve never seen a monster tree cut down, you need to watch these guys. This wasn’t a cut-a-wedge-in-the-base, put-some-tree-felling wedges in the bottom and yell “timber!” type of job.

No, this was an awesome display of agility and balance, as well as a thorough knowledge of physics – with a premium on safety. Sebastian scaled the 90-foot tree (safety harness thoroughly secure), mapped out precisely where all the cables and pulleys would be placed and got to work with his chainsaw while the ground crew maneuvered the cables.

Mind you, the tree was hovering over a 14 x 20-foot shed that I had installed about 2 years ago. The only thing that hit the shed was sawdust. They calculated precisely how each branch would come down and where it would land. They chipped all the branches and logs that could be chipped (which I will re-use in my dog run) and, as a finishing touch, ground down the stump.

I could not be more pleased with their work, their professionalism and their incredible knowledge of tree surgery.

Anita L.Amawalk, NY